Vizzion Narada
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Dazzling presence from every conceivable angle
Vizzion Narada
A true journey of discovery




With its sleek lines, this phenomenal vibraphones heralds a new era of unrivalled features, exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge vibraphone technology.

VanderPlas has completely reimagined the finest vibraphone in its class. Taking our hallmarks of innovation and refinement and pushing them further still, the new Vizzion Narada redefines what a vibraphone can be. It looks and feels like a wholly new level of musicallity.



A stunning demonstration of VanderPlas' unrivalled attention to detail, it delivers a true journey of discovery for the player. Designed to delight every sense, this is an instrument to see, feel, hear and appreciate.

In creating this VanderPlas Vizzion Narada, we have delivered everything you expect from VanderPlas in a vibraphone that can easily be transported, with all the modern features you expect from a vibraphone. Designed and built at the VanderPlas atelier in the Netherlands, this is a vibraphone unlike any other. Consider it the definitive.

Whatever your musical style, the new Vizzion Narada will take you there in unprecedented style.[ Top ]

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