unrivelled presence
Inspired by Elegance
slight visual shapes which trigger your senses




The imagination of the vanderPlas team has soared to new heights with a unique vibraphone. 

In the world of inBalance, anything is possible. In our inBalance line – your dreams become reality. Indeed, the only limits are your imagination. Give us your blessing, and we will sculp you the world's most daring styling and dazling engineering experience, to make each instrument a unique reality. Through 3D-visualisation, and meticulous nurturing, you will witness the mesmerising evolution from a simple piece of paper to your very own exquisitely produced, uniquely personal vanderPlas.

The vanderPlas team delivers luxury and uniqueness on a new level; rarity on a different scale.


The Vizzion inBalance is always a uniquely, limited edition built instrument.
This model is by far the most exclusive vibraphone, and stands out above any other. Its 3.5 octaves will make you shine on your music, while the midi expands this instrument to wider opportunities. [ Top ]

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