Vizzion inBalance
Vizzion Narada
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The Vizzion range

The Vizzion models are  created for the person who wants to seek new landscapes and take a fresh look at their world– to see through new eyes.
The Vizzion will reveal new ways to experience familiar journeys and deliver new journeys in new environments. It was by understanding these needs and desires that led vanderPlas to reappraise, reshape and redefine the vibraphone, and what it is capable of.

The Vizzion range is everything you would expect from a vibraphone created by vanderPlas, from the most luxurious, hand-built vibraphone on Earth, up to the most modern one. An instrument where technology, comfort, musicality and beaut have been brought together to offer an extraordinary experience.
And a vibraphone that can be tailored to your own unique taste, through matchless levels of personalisation and a wide range of options.

There are two models in the range. The inBalance is the pinnacle of luxury – the ultimate expression of the world’s most luxurious vibraphone. The Narada, with its special designed frame, is the world’s most versatile vibe.