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Noble LW




The vanderPlas Noble vibe takes musicality to another level. With the classic looks and the latest vibraphone technology under the hood, you willl enjoy a heightened experience and create phenomenal performance. It is practical for all musical styles, being well-equipped to assist you in all your music. It is perfect for jazz and as well comfortable for the classical musician. Its performance is the result of the astonishing sounding HDS bars, harnessed with innovations that include triple tuning, vibrato depth control, superb stability, developed by vanderPlas vibraphones.

With the unique styling and wooden accents, the Noble vibraphone looks every segment a top instrument. The improVibe series with its oak appearance with walnut accents and the GigVibe series with its modern stealthy black design, gives the musician that extra what is needed to perform at the highest level. Built at only a very limited number, the LW vibraphone is a rare and unique pleasure to own and play.