VanderPlas vibraphones is the only manufacturer of solely vibraphones, and has a vast experience in building gorgeous, versatile and innovative instruments.

Divided over 2 model families, there is a vibraphone available for any ones taste and needs, from 3.0 up to 4.3 octaves

In the Noble family you will find "conventional" designs, yet with the modern innovations that are found on all our vibraphones. In the Vizzion family you will find our instruments with a more modern,  unconventional appearance.



The vibraphones in all families offer at standard the same features that are basic to vanderPlas. For optimum comfort, the bars are set at a 3 degrees angle and the pedal is a semiwide double connector part. The vibrato system is built up with a high tech computer controlled, built-in servo motor that allows for vibrato dept- and speed control. 

In addition, our advanced midi system can be commisioned for every model, which brings our instruments to an exquisite level. Add additional internal or external sounds to your music, and widen your musical language.

Through its well thought construction, the instruments truelly are the most stable and rigid vibraphones on the market. 
The bars are wider than with traditional vibraphones, offering more warmth. The special HDS treatment create extra awareness to the sound.