Noble gigVibe
Midi pickup system
Noble LW
Natural and warm sounds
Vizzion Narada
Integrated touchpanel




The vanderPlas vibraphones can be equipped with the midi pickup system, a feature that is only produced by vanderPlas. Offering an enormously low latency, the midi/audio pickup system lets you expand your musical range without limits.

With the supplied manager software you can easily configure the system to your needs up to bar level, the supplied tablet offers you easy control. To add to the experience, ofcourse the system allows for regular acoustic amplification as well, and the vibraphones can be equipped with internal sounds.


The pickup transducers are embedded inside the bars, making the sound character more natural and warm compared to glued on pickups. As being the first manufacturer ever to have built the motor and control inside the endblocks, it is beyond our pride not to embed the midi electronics and control as well.



The Dynamics Control offers a choice of mallet modes, all offering absolute confidence and control. Switch between three hardnesses – soft, medium and hard – using the intuitive software control or the hardware switches. With the manager software you can set each mode to respond best to your favourite mallets.

Use the embedded touchpanel or the tablet to add more depth to your musical language by mixing in internal or external sounds. 

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State-of-the-art developments are evident for vanderPlas, from midi-processing on bar level to advanced wifi connectivity that adds to your enjoyment. VanderPlas features control per bar of latency, scan time, sensitivity, output volume.  Included is midi layering, volume control, and so on, all at your fingertips thru the supplied tablet or the new integrated touchpanel on the vizzion models.  Everything is carefully incorporated into the instruments design. 

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