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Tuesday, 23 May 2017 08:22

Vizzion Narada

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1921,  The vibraphone comes to life.

A new instrument not seen before, with a new sound and new musical possibilities. 
Players embrace the new instrument and start to express their new found identity. The instrument becomes a revolution in its first decades and finds its major use in jazz. 

Music evolves. Players evolve. What about the vibraphone? Did the instrument evolve with your musical identity? 

VanderPlas now created the next step in the evolution: the Vizzion Narada.


"To create something unique, a masterpiece of art in its own right, Precious, intuitive, and of lasting value". This is the guiding value we have always aspired for in the identity of our instruments.

A new vibraphone that shows design and music combine well together.

Inspired by the passion and beauty of the instruments we craft, we wanted to create a new breathtaking vibraphone with striking performance that  makes you shine on any stage, in any music genre, whether it is jazz, avantgarde or dance. The edgy look, ease of playing, and new innovations will help you to bring your music to unheard levels. 

It is time to move forward, give way to your identity and step out of the world of the dark vibes. The Vizzion Narada will be the guide.

Stay tuned!

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