"It's easy to play any musical instrument:all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time  and the instrument will play itself."
- Johann Sebastian Bach

3 octaves Vibraphone

The eduVibe Lite is the entry in the world of the Tal vibraphones. 
This motorless instrument is the perfect metallophone/vibraphone for educational purposes, and due to its height adjustment suitable for almost every generation of players.
Its robust frame will insure a lifetime joy of playing this instrument.

Tilted Bars

Its special aluminum silver satin bars with a width of 40mm and a thickness of 12mm  produce a beautiful tone. Unique and only found on the  Tal vibraphones, are the tilted bars: there is no better comfort than this.






The frame is height adjustable and has a comfortable semi-wide pedal.
This prevents the regular hurting backs normally suffering from when using small-width pedals.

To ensure perfect dampening, the eduVibe is equipped with the same dampening mechanism as the improVibe. This unique perfect vertical moving damper system allows for even dampening of all bars.  The bars rest on a gorgeous solid wood keybed.




Bars: single width, 40x12mm

Range: 3 octaves F3-F6 

Pitch: A442

Barcolor: silver satin

Dimensions: LxDxH 127x74x81cm (min)

Heightadjustable: Yes

Pedal: semi-wide

Casters: all 4 total lock

Keybed: one piece, wood


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